Runners Save With “Rock ‘n’ Roll”

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Those of us that know the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathons and half marathons, we understand the excitement of sharing a great day of running with thousands of others, hearts beating in unison with pounding feet, all to the rhythm of the thumpin’ band around the next corner.

In honor of National Running Day on Wednesday, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Series is offering a one-day registration discount. In addition to great savings on their events, all those registering on June 1 will also receive 5 FREE music downloads…so they can rock to their favorite music along the course.

(Click here for complete details from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Series website.)

They are all great, fun races; in fact, I plan on snagging my first Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego medal this weekend. So check your calendars, pick your favorites, and sign up tomorrow!

As for those 5 FREE downloads, I suggest perhaps your five favorite songs from Tim McGraw’s Southern Voice album. As both a runner and McGraw’s longtime keyboardist, I know it’s great music for a Rock ‘n’ Roll marathoner.

Then again…maybe I’m a bit biased.

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  1. Comment by Jackie D — May 31, 2011 at 7:05 pm  

    The RnR series is a fun way to get your run, music and charity on..there’s no way to have a bad day when any or all of these are involved.

    See you in San Diego, Jeff!

    I’m running Seattle RnR and Vegas too, maybe AZ next January, we’ll see! Going for my Heavy Medal bling!

  2. Comment by Christine — May 31, 2011 at 8:33 pm  

    The RnR runnning events ROCK! I have run five half marathons with Team McGraw for the Tug McGraw Foundation. Two in Nashville & Philly, and one in Phoenix. All five races were so much FUN!

    These events draw thousands of energetic runners, are well organized; have bands, cheerleaders, enthusiastic crowds, mascots, great volunteers passing out water, helpful aid stations, and well needed REFRESHMENTS at the end of the race!

    I would encourage anyone to check out the RnR races for the year, take advantage of the June 1st discount, and 5 free downloads. And yes, I’d recommend Tim McGraw’s Southern Voice album, too! I hear Tim’s got a great keyboardist who also runs with Team McGraw, and you might just meet him at one of these RnR events!

    Lastly, come run with Team McGraw and help support their mission for quality of life for patients challenged with brain tumors and brain injuries, and who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. New runners are always welcome to join the team and catch the “Ya Gotta Believe” Spirit!

  3. Comment by Kristin — June 11, 2011 at 12:04 am  

    saw you in fresno last night and watched you the entire concert and pre concert. you amazed me with your ability to rock your hair—i did the same with mine–and getting the crowd excited. thank you for a super time last night. someday–would love to tell you my “story” and you could run for me!

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