National Running Day 2010

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I’m a runner; it says so on my business card.

Okay, not yet.  But it will when I get new cards made.  Think about it.  You are reading this in my blog titled “Road Dog Runner.”  And June 2 is National Running Day…so you can believe I was feelin’ a lit-tle pressure to deliver on the day.

Something really cool.  NOT gonna happen.  Three days with a busier than normal tour schedule had left me with enough unread email to choke a horse…assuming horses ate email.  I had phone calls to return, new tunes to learn for our upcoming Nashville Rising flood relief concert, and photographs to edit.

I hit the ground running, so to speak, eating breakfast with one hand and typing away on my laptop with the other…and I didn’t stop but for a quick three-miler before tonight’s show.

I almost felt like I’d missed our runners’ day of days.

As I reflect back on the day, though, I realize that my first phone call was to my father – my first runnin’ buddy.  My emails varied from Team McGraw runners looking for coaching advice to newbies looking to join our program in pursuit of their first marathon.  I got Facebooked by a friend that had faded away for many years…only to resurface with a pair of running shoes, a personal trainer’s credentials, and a couple of running friends in tow.

I touched base with two pals with whom I’ll grab an easy “let’s catch up” run tomorrow morning on my way through their state, and I made plans to visit my friends with the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathons the following day in yet another.

And my “jammed in” three-miler was a shared event including five of my band buddies and “the man in the hat”…though he wasn’t “cowboy-ed up” for today’s run.  I hear those boots are hell to run in, anyway.

I guess National Running Day received its due recognition after all.  My family, my friends, my music all felt a little nudge today by virtue of running.  I got my three miles in, shared it with friends, and touched a few others that have left lasting imprints. in part, with their running shoes.

A good day…and it’s done.  Of course, I had to blog about something on National Running day, so I sit here now in the front of the bus, typing away, as one of the boys grabs the remote to find a movie worth watching…

Marathon Man starring Dustin Hoffman. Turn it up, please…

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  1. Comment by Christine Donovan — June 4, 2010 at 1:02 am  

    Yes, National Running Day, June 2nd… I’d never heard about “that day” until a child in school told me on Wednessay morning. Boy….did I feel a little guilty about not knowing that it was that day. And you think I would, being a PE Teacher!

    So, I asked the children, “What can we do in PE class to recognize this “National Running Day?” Well, I shouldn’t have asked that question because I got some wild answers. Run to the park, run to the Dairy Queen, run to the mall to shop, run home to watch TV, and then just skip school for the rest of the day because we are all too tired from all that running! Don’t think so, children!

    So, we simply settled on wearing our pedometers in PE class, and for the rest of the day in school to try & reach our goal of 10,000 steps per day. Whew… thank goodness…this would definitely be a much safer and educational way to celebrate this day. (And I knew I wouldn’t be let go for doing this!)

    Jeff, sounds like you definitely celebrated this “National Running Day,” too, from getting your 3-miler in to catching up & sharing with your friends & family all of your “running business.” All good….

    Thanks for sharing this fun blog and hope that the movie Marathon Man didn’t tire you out too much! Also, I’ve got this date on the calendar for next year circled in red!

    Happy Running!

  2. Comment by Kimmy T — June 4, 2010 at 4:04 pm  

    Hey there, McMahon…sounds like you had a very productive and successful NRD !!! YGB !!

  3. Comment by gayle — June 8, 2010 at 8:58 pm  

    Sounds like you ran a marathon!

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