Lance Miller Opens Country Music Marathon with Team McGraw

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Lance Miller.  We first got to know each other out on the road.  He opened up for us on tour with Tim McGraw a few years back – warmed up arenas full of folks for Tim and Faith Hill on the “Soul2Soul Tour” in 2007, and wound up the crowds on the outdoor stage for McGraw’s “Live Your Voice” tour in 2008.

A great singer, a great songwriter, and simply a great dude.

Lance will be providing entertainment at the Team McGraw “Bowling for Brains” warm-up party on Friday, April 23 before the Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon the next morning.  Runners and fans alike will be on hand to eat, play, and enjoy some of Nashville’s best music with Team McGraw…and believe me, Lance is one of the best.

I’ll be out on the road with McGraw in Ohio that night, then on to Detroit for another show; I hate that I’m gonna miss the race, and I hate even more that I’m gonna miss listening to Lance with my runnin’ buddies before taking to the starting line the next morning.

Dang it.

When Lance was out on tour with us, I would often just sit out in the audience and chill, take in his “country as mud” singin’.  Sometimes, I sang alongside him, tossin’ in backup vocals on his tunes – (one of my favorites is “Back in the New School”) – or his favorites by country greats and musical legends.

I’ve been a fan for a long time; I guess a lot of folks first got to know him through his season of the television show Nashville Star, performing and building a national fan base as a weekly favorite among viewers.  “Nashville Star reminded me of what it meant to be an artist,” explains Lance.

Whether you’re running or not, make time to swing by “Bowling for Brains” and give Lance a hello for me.  Tickets and information are still available for this terrific event in support of Team McGraw and the Tug McGraw Foundation, and it’s a great way to spend an evening relaxing in Music City before taking on the Country Music Marathon.

For more on Lance, swing by the Lance Miller MySpace page for a great look and listen into a great artist.

For tickets to hear Lance at the “Bowling for Brain’s Warm-Up Party before the Country Music Marathon, vist the TMF Online Store.

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  1. Comment by Christine — April 22, 2010 at 12:52 am  

    Lance Miller is as Jeff says, ” A great singer, a great songwriter, and simply a great dude.” He also is a great supporter and friend to Team McGraw & the Tug Mcgraw Foundation.

    I would encourage anyone to come see Lance sing on Friday night at the “Bowling for Brains” warm-up party. It’s a relaxing & fun time with yummy pasta, bowling, conversation and music by Lance Miller. All good things!

    I am sad that I will not be able to run this year in Nashville, or see Lance at the Bowling event. But I look forward to being back next year.

    Have a great time, Nashville Team McGraw!

    Ya Gotta Believe!

  2. Comment by KevinApril 22, 2010 at 8:47 am  

    It is great to have Lance at this year’s “Bowling for Brains.” We are lucky to have him performing! Great music, food and fellowship with Team McGraw! I hate that the “Southern Voice” tour has you on the road this weekend, Jeff. We all understand, but we will miss hanging with the Road Dog Runner!

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