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admin | March 22, 2010 in Hunting,Music,Running | Comments (2)

When Jim Ferguson of Great American Outdoor Trails Radio Magazine first reached out to me about his radio show, I was a bit uncertain as to why he wanted to talk to me.

Jim and Trav (Jim’s cohost) talk hunting. Fishing. The coolest gear and the latest wildlife happenings. Pretty much all the “nitty gritty” of the great outdoors. They know a lot; I know a little…and I knew I’d never keep up.

Jim assured me that I wasn’t expected to. He knew that I’d been on a few recent hunting and fishing trips in between concert dates with Tim McGraw and Team McGraw endurance events…and he wanted to know about them.

He wanted the skinny on my Canadian goose hunting expedition on the way to New York City to appear on the Late Show with David Letterman to perform with McGraw. The lowdown on the Tug McGraw Foundation and running a marathon. The inside scoop on our current “Southern Voice” concert tour.

The real story on who taught me to shoot…and the spirit behind some outstanding new adventures in the middle of my musical “life on the road.”

Well…sure…that I can handle…and there is some fun to share in there. So I sat down with Jim and Trav last week for an interview that is currently available on the Great American Outdoor Trails Radio Magazine website. Great dudes, fans of our music, great supporters of Team McGraw.

This was a blast; I think the full interview will be posted for the week ending this Thursday, March 25, 2010…so swing by and give ‘er a listen! Just go to their homepage and select “CLICK HERE TO LISTEN” for the most current broadcast.

(For those that did not catch this interview during the week of its availability on GREAT AMERICAN OUTDOOR TRAILS website, ROAD DOG RUNNER will soon post my portion of this interview soon…so stay tuned!)