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Runners Save With “Rock ‘n’ Roll”

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Those of us that know the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathons and half marathons, we understand the excitement of sharing a great day of running with thousands of others, hearts beating in unison with pounding feet, all to the rhythm of the thumpin’ band around the next corner.

In honor of National Running Day on Wednesday, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Series is offering a one-day registration discount. In addition to great savings on their events, all those registering on June 1 will also receive 5 FREE music downloads…so they can rock to their favorite music along the course.

(Click here for complete details from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Series website.)

They are all great, fun races; in fact, I plan on snagging my first Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego medal this weekend. So check your calendars, pick your favorites, and sign up tomorrow!

As for those 5 FREE downloads, I suggest perhaps your five favorite songs from Tim McGraw’s Southern Voice album. As both a runner and McGraw’s longtime keyboardist, I know it’s great music for a Rock ‘n’ Roll marathoner.

Then again…maybe I’m a bit biased.

Memorial Day

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(Photograph provided by Major Dave Bingham of the I-10 Attack Battalion when stationed in Iraq.)

On this day of remembrance, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to our servicemen and women that have bravely laid down their lives in the name of freedom and compassion.

They have served to defend those unable to defend themselves.  They have served to provide liberty for those that have seen their liberty denied.  They have served in response to hardship, oppression, catastrophe, disaster, and death.

In wars and conflicts spanning the globe, they have answered the call and responded, putting first their fellowman.  As Americans, they have served on my behalf…on our behalf.

They have given their lives through their service.  Customarily, it is on this day, Memorial Day, that we remember them and pay tribute to those that have given so selflessly.

In humble gratitude and reverence, THEY ARE REMEMBERED.