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2011: Running Resolutions in Review

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I’ve fallen into that trap before.  Placed the bar too high right out of the gun.  Made a big noise.  Determined how I was gonna change the world – (at least, MY world) – shouted it from the rooftops, and then watched it wash away in a swirl of uncontrolled zeal and “not-quite-thought-out” ambitions.

This year…yeah, I set some new goals;  I just got busy before I got noisy.  Figured I’d use January to try and sharpen my training goals a bit…and then share ‘em.


I’ve raced twice this year already.  The first was a “kick off the year” five-miler in Texas on New Year’s Day; the second was a pretty encouraging half marathon among many of my rockin’ friends at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Half Marathon.

But that’s racing.  I did say training.  I want to get out every day.  Period.  It feels good to get moving, and while there will be a minimum expectation, I’ll push that up through the year.  Most days will be running, but some will be on a bike, some might be a good walk on a recovery day…but always something.  That’s the plan.

My friends John “The Penguin” Bingham and Jenny Hadfield helped that along with their “100 Days Challenge” campaign.  Basically, they have asked their endurance friends to make a commitment to take on some kind of activity for at least thirty minutes every day.  I don’t think I needed that hammer to meet my personal goals, but I’m using it to keep myself honest on less motivated days.  It works.



This, I’m awful at.  It’s because I can cheat, or I think I can.  I have a well-used Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS watch that archives the basics of my running history – locations, times, distances – so I think I’m keeping up.  But it’s not true.  I forget cross-training days that aren’t in my watch, I fail to record terrain or necessary aches and pains for tracking, and I threaten to toss myself under the bus of hypocrisy as I ask the Team McGraw athletes we coach to “always keep a log” so we can help them track their progress and meet their goals.

Currently, my training log is completely current beginning January 1, 2011.



Yeah.  I know.  I know.  I’ve got uncompleted stories to finish.  Training “Aha!” moments to share so you might avoid the potholes I’ve stepped in.  There’s new music coming, marathon miles to run, musical miles to measure, and a backpack full of photos and “maybe they care” anecdotes from other travels and “I can’t sit still” adventures.

So I will do better.  My training is on track, my running log is current, and now, I need to get my blog pumping.

Oh, wait…I just did that.  Cool.  (Points the cursor to publish.)